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A Good Friend

Three weeks ago today, the world lost a good man when Jim’s oldest close friend Butch Gregg passed away…tragically and too young.

Jim and Butch shared a lot of adventures growing up. Heck, they shared a lot of adventures after they grew up. Jim has a lifetime of memories to hold onto.

Simply put, Jim will miss his good buddy…

Butch, Dave (another of Jim's old friends) and Pa...on the job.

Butch, Dave (another of Jim’s old friends) and Pa…on the job.

He Was Pa To Us

Today would have been Clarence’s birthday. He would have been 91 and we all fully expected him to still be here to celebrate.

He was Pa. Pa to his kids, Pa to his kids’ spouses, Pa to his grandkids, and Pa to many friends.

If I could have chosen the man to be my father-in-law, I couldn’t have made a better choice than Pa.

And he is sorely missed.


A Christmas Memory

A Christmas story shared by Jim’s sister, Jane, the oldest daughter of Clarence and Susan:

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Pa and Jane – 1953

In the early 1950’s we lived next to people who had four very small little square houses on their property that they rented out.  These rentals were buildings that were moved in from somewhere else and had been used in some capacity during WWII.  The people who lived in these houses were poor.

I remember one Christmas when my mother made sock dolls and other things that she put in  Christmas boxes for these families.  After dark the night before Christmas Pa and I played Santa.  We quietly went to each house and left a Christmas box by the door.

I could not have been more than 6 or 7 but this genuine expression of Christmas is the memory that has stayed with me.  My favorite Christmas story.

Happy Thanksgiving

From our family to yours –

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! We have so much to be thankful for and feel so blessed to have a wonderful family and a business that we love so well. Blessings to you all.




We would like to welcome you to our website! When my father-in-law, Clarence Welser, decided to start his own water well drilling service back in 1940, who knew that over sixty years later we would still be going strong? Clarence and his wife, Susan, worked hard to build this business and his son, Jim and I are continuing that tradition of hard work, honesty, and a job well done.

I plan to share, not only information about our business (which you will be able to find by clicking on the handy tabs), but stories, memories, and helpful information. I hope to post something new here once a month so keep checking back. And enjoy!