Clarence Welser started Welser Well Drilling in 1940, before he went off to serve his country in World War II. When he came back, he picked up where he left off and went on to build a successful small business. It was a family affair. His wife, Susan, worked hard to help him make the business the success that it is. There was a lot of hard work and many sacrifices along the way. Clarence’s reputation was all the advertising that was needed. Everyone in the area knew what a good, honest, fair, and hard-working man he was. Clarence was greatly respected and greatly mourned when he died suddenly in 2004, leaving a vast hole, not only in the family, but in the business as well. Although he had mostly retired from the business, he was still at “work” every day. Sometimes he did his own thing like wood-turning and chainsaw carving and sometimes he went out on the job with his son, Jim. He helped Jim the very day before he passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Although Jim went to school to learn another trade, he could not and did not want to escape the pull of the business. He started working for Pa (Clarence) as soon as he was old enough and became full-time after he graduated from high school over 30 years ago. Soon after, Jim began the process of buying the business from his parents. For over 25 years, since Jim married his wife, Laura, she has been a part of the business and is now an active partner. Jim and Laura live in the house that Jim grew up in that also sits on the same property that has housed the business for over 50 years. Obviously that means that they are always “at work”. The business is their life and their life is the business. Jim and Laura pride themselves in keeping up the good reputation that Clarence and Susan worked so hard to build and they stand behind every job. When Welser Well Drilling LLC completes a job, Jim and Laura have put their all into it. Hard work and dedication: those are the two most important building blocks in a successful business. Jim and Laura are proud to carry on the tradition, being known as honest, hard-working, and generous.